The Grand Bridal March

The Grand Bridal March

Ever thought of walking down the isle in church to say, “I DO!” ? Or the Grand Entrance into your Wedding Dinner Reception.  What song will you choose for your bridal march? Some couple might choose the song the first met or favorite song. Here in my blog today, I have a few song that you might like it and while listening to the song, you might able to visualize the Grand Bridal March that will happen on the very moment.


A classical Selection:

For over 100 years the most popular processional has been Wagner’s Bridal Chorus from Lohengrin (1850), often called “Here Comes The Bride”, traditionally played on a church organ.

Wagner’s Bridal Chorus.



A lost track discovered:

The second which is my favorite is the Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel. This track have almost 300 years long history. This romantic music note was composed during 1700’s and lost for centuries. It have been re-discovered in 1919 and make popular ever since.

Canon in D



Oldies Wedding Song:

The next song is quite popular during the late 80′ and 90′ which is The Wedding (Ave Maria). This song have a few version. The most famous that most of us heard is by The Wedding (Ave Maria), Julia Roger in the year . Beside that, you can also found this track played by well-known saxophonist, Kenny G.


  Version 01 sang by Julai Roger.

  Version 02 perform by Kenny G.


I hope this give you some ideas on your special days where you are prince and princess walking down the isle or dinner reception. More idea on romantic song for wedding will be available soon.


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